Jan 7, 2011

Future view = Fashion soul

It´s very hard to me to explain what type of emotion I´ve feeling this morning when I knew about the Julian Roberts project ...
it´s like to meet the future, the soul of the future and the soul of fashion... past, present, and future... all mixed in a pure and hybrid concept.
He invite a virtual meet wednesday, i will be there sure! 
"Pattern cutting and design are physical activities, they extend from the hand and eye, from rotations of the wrist, elbow & shoulder, but they also flow from the mind and its perception of spatial awareness, from the psychological processes of transferring ideas & concepts into 2Dimentional patterns, which then construct in 3D." ( the book = link)
The video deserves special attention and i saw many times, and sure i will watch it many times more, the connections that he make between his project and fashion, for me it floats over other horizons also ... the power of technologies, the culture, the art and over all the human being. What I expect of the future??  What you expect of the future?? 
Summarizing... impressive! 

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